emlako Real Estate Marketing Company was established in 2018 in Istanbul, with the aim of marketing real estate to Arabs and foreigners, in addition to the Turks, from selling, renting, transferring ownership and providing all real estate consultations in addition to the services accompanying the sale process, such as citizenship treatment, property management, and so on.

We work in emlako to sell real estate under construction in addition to used and resale properties. We select suitable construction projects with high reliability and good reputation in order to obtain our customers the best options that enable them to obtain the appropriate properties for their requests.

What distinguishes our company

  • Our company is licensed by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with the number 5-158855.
  • Holders of a real estate trade license certificate (Taşınmaz Ticareti Yetki Belgesi) from Istanbul Trade Directorate (İstanbul Valiliği Ticaret İl Müdürlüğü) number 3404338.
  • Our employees hold a Professional Competence Certificate (Mesleki Yeterlilik Belgesi) with the specialty of Real Estate Consultancy (Sorumlu Emlak Danışmanı).