Turkish Citizenship

The Turkish Republic is considered one of the most developed countries in several fields, including economy, tourism and industry, which made it occupy a good position among the major countries in the world. Turkey has entered the club of the top 20 economically, and it is striving, at a tangible and accelerating pace, to reach the club of the top ten.

The Turkish passport is considered one of the passports that are constantly progressing globally. The Turkish passport entitles its holder to enter about 80 countries without a visa, and it ranks 39th in the world.

In 2018, the Turkish government, to encourage investment in Turkey, amended the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate, as the value was reduced from one million dollars to 250 thousand dollars only, with the aim of making it available to a larger segment of foreigners to invest in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property

  • The value of the property or the total real estate must not be less than $ 250,000.
  • Obtaining the real estate evaluation report from the companies approved by the Turkish government.
  • The property is systematically registered in the (Tapu).
  • Payment of the property value through a regular bank transfer.

The required documents when applying for Turkish citizenship for investors

  • A copy of the title deed of the real estate (tapu)
  • Translating the passport of the property owner into the Turkish language, in addition to the passport of the wife and children under the age of 18, with the certification of the translated passport photos at the notary.
  • Birth certificate for all family members.
  • A copy of the marriage contract.
  • A non-judgmental document for the husband and wife.
  • A notebook or family statement.
  • Recent personal photos of family members.