Many of those wishing to buy residential real estate in Turkey come to mind this question: ((Should I buy a new property or a resale property))?

To answer this question, many points must be clarified about the pros and cons of each.

First: New real estate

It is divided into two types:

  • Under construction real estate: It is real estate that is still under construction or about to be delivered, and here its price is proportional to the time of delivery, that is, the closer the delivery time, the higher its price, and the price also varies depending on the method of payment, whether in cash or in installments. Among its disadvantages is the possibility of the construction company delaying delivery or the occurrence of financial problems to the construction company, which leads to stopping the completion of the project. One of its positives is getting reasonable prices, especially when paying in cash.
  • Ready-to-deliver real estate: It is the new real estate that you can buy and receive the key immediately from the construction company, and it is the safest for some because of the fear of delay in delivery when purchasing the apartment that is under construction. One of its disadvantages is that the price of an apartment or property will be higher than apartments under construction.

Second: Resale real estate

There are also two types:

  • New real estate not yet inhabited: These are real estate that their owners receive from the construction company and wish to sell them later without housing or even renting them.
  • Inhabited real estate: it is real estate that is either currently occupied by its owner or by a tenant, or it is empty but previously inhabited. Among the disadvantages of this type is the technical condition of the apartment, and it may need repairs or improvements. As for its advantages, its price is reasonable, and the services and infrastructure of the area and project are well available.

Finally, you must pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each type before making the purchase decision, and before all that, the main purpose of purchasing the property must be determined, whether it is for investment or housing.

It must always be reminded of the necessity of buying through licensed real estate consultants and staying away from brokers in order to avoid later falling into legal or financial problems or even price manipulation.

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