Last updated: 2/22/2021

The title deed or (TAPU) is a document that confirms your ownership of the property or land in Turkey, and it exists in all countries of the world under different names.

It is known in Turkey that there are two colors for the tapu, red and blue.

Red and Blue Tabu:

  1. Blue Tapu: or what is called the title deed or agricultural title deed, and is given to the buyer when buying agricultural land for the purpose of agriculture or livestock.
  2. Red Tapu: or residential title deed, which is given to the buyer when buying a residential or commercial property. There are two types of it:
  • Irtifak Tapu: it means that the property, building, or residential project has violations against it by the municipality, or that construction in it has not been completed yet.
  • Iskan Tapu: It means that the title deed or Tapu is ready and there are no problems with it. (That is, there are no problems or violations on him with the Turkish state, but he may have a mortgage to some party).

Finally, you must do the search for the right property before purchasing, and if you want to buy a property for Turkish citizenship, you must pay attention to the conditions and specifications required for the property before purchasing.


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