Last updated: 18-02-2021

There are many factors and things that affect the price of real estate in Turkey, so that you find great difference and differences in prices between regions in the same city.

The price of the property may differ between the actual assessment of the municipality and the price of the real estate market, as the current market price depends on supply and demand and differs between summer and winter.

The main factors in determining the price of a property include:

  1. The location of the property, within a residential project or within a separate building.
  2. The region and the municipality to which it belongs.
  3. The area of ​​the property and the number of rooms.
  4. The age of the property, building or housing project.
  5. Technical condition of the property.
  6. Under construction or ready to move.
  7. Floor, view and front.
  8. Its proximity to service facilities, shopping centers, schools, universities and hospitals.

Here are some tips for the buyer before purchasing a property in Turkey, and it is better to consult a real estate consultant licensed by the Turkish government before the purchase process.

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