Last updated: 18/02/2021

Many foreigners who buy or want to buy real estate in Turkey face difficulty in choosing the right property without falling victim to misinformation or fraud practiced by some brokers or real estate marketing companies.

Here are some tips and guidelines that should be followed before purchasing any property in Turkey:

  1. First, you must know that real estate prices in Turkey differ from state to state, and between region or municipality and another municipality.
  2. The question and search for real estate prices in the area in which you want to buy. You can go to specialized websites and search there for prices to form a general idea and reference that can be relied upon later when negotiating the price.
  3. If the goal of buying the property is to obtain Turkish citizenship, it must first be ensured that the owner of the property holds Turkish citizenship.
  4. Ask the seller for the title deed (tapu) of the property, then inspect it at the municipality to which the property belongs to ensure that it is free of problems or mortgage.
  5. If the property is under construction, you must first verify the reputation and credibility of the construction company. There are companies that have a bad reputation on delivery dates and others that may be new that do not have previous projects or they may be construction companies on the verge of bankruptcy.
  6. Hire licensed real estate consultants so that you do not fall victim to brokers and shell companies. (Ask the realtor for a license.)

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